RelieveSI is unique with our blood allergy testing when compared to other companies, because everything is done through a simple, proprietary finger prick test rather than a blood draw. This test is more accurate than a typical blood draw because it uses microarray technology. It only requires 4 drops of blood rather than 3-4 vials, so there is no need for a phlebotomist to perform the test.  The panel test choices include 50 allergen non-inhalants plus total IgE (foods, stinging insects, penicillin, latex) and 70 allergen environmental inhalants (tree, grass, weed pollens, molds, fungi, animals).


GeneSight is a genetic test that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients. Because genes influence the way a person’s body responds to specific medications, they may not work the same for everyone. Using DNA gathered with a simple cheek swab, GeneSight analyzes a patient’s genes and provides individualized information to help healthcare providers select medications that better match their patient’s genes. Multiple clinical studies have shown that when clinicians used GeneSight to help guide treatment decisions, patients were twice as likely to respond to the selected medication.


SHUTi was created to help you overcome insomnia using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for insomnia techniques. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia helps you learn techniques to identify and break the cycle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that interfere with restful sleep. Clinical studies show CBT-I produces long-term improvements without the risk of dependency on pills. Regardless of how long you’ve suffered from insomnia, once you’ve learned the SHUTi techniques, you can achieve a long-lasting improvement in your sleep.